Want to be a Professional Blogger.?

First what professional really means to you.? What does it mean by Professional Blogger.? and, more importantly, Who is a problogger.?

For some bloggers producing a huge Traffic, Comments, following a huge RSS Feed Subscribers and from this generating more amount of revenue/income is know to be a Professional Blogger. But Some totally disagree with this. For them Blogging is much more about passion, dedication and the amount of study, research and time the person gives is called to a ProBlogger.


What is a Professional?

Know you can check on online dictionaries or google them, Here is what has to say.:

“According to Merriam Webster there are seven related, but varied, definitions of “profession“. The two that are most commonly applied to bloggers include:

  1. characterized by or conforming to the technical or ethical standards of a profession
  2. participating for gain or livelihood in an activity or field of endeavor often engaged in by amateurs (a professional golfer).”

A Pro Blogger is a Blogger by Profession

According to :

“I think we could then apply the second definition to blogging – that is, the small percentage of bloggers who make their livelihood with their trade could be considered bloggers by profession. So while competence is obviously a factor, the fact that a person makes their living with a given pursuit would make them a professional. Being a blogger by profession means that they make their living by blogging. A problogger should be ranked by his ability to generate revenue with his blogging activity.”

I think making blogging as your main profession is quite difficult to opt in today’s period. Except the fact that you’re writing on a subject/niche which is interacts a huge interest by the people and had a huge following. This can turn your blog audience/visitors to generate revenue and you can rely somewhat to make your living. Another fact is you should have great skills to build a strong online presence of your blog, and in many cases, of yourself as you’re behind the content. You should know about the Services and Tools that make your blog Awesome and Best unlike the rest. Newbie Bloggers aren’t able to do so quickly but it is necessary to know the measures to be a ProBlogger.

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