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3 Websites which helps you to find a perfect Domain Name

A Domain name is the first key to your online presence. The Domain name is the most important factor behind the success of any story whether it may be your Blog or a Website, Company, Business, Organization or a Web Service. You have to be very conscious as well as alert before you buy a domain name. Choosing the right domain name will help people to recognize about your online presence, find and remember it quickly. And keep in mind once it is registered then that can’t be undone. A lot of bad guys on the internet registered a bulk of domain names just as a means of their business and they sell out them with a huge Price tag. However very few among them gets Sold. But all i want you to is make your decision wisely with taking your time – No Hurry.

3 Websites which helps you to find a perfect Domain Name
3 Websites which helps you to find a perfect Domain Name

Things you don’t know about some Domain Registrars – All Domain Registrars have their own Domain name suggestion tools which helps you to select your most desired domain name from the given suggestions even if your domain name isn’t Available for you to Register.

The Problems :

1 – Many times the domain name you just entered isn’t available for you to register instead of that a list of the available domain names is provided for you to register provided that they are listed with the help of your given keywords and are costly and, more importantly, they might not relate to your business at all.
2 – Some domain name registrars, using the domain name suggestion tools, reserves your keywords and sell them to other buyers. For example – you found a domain name and leave it for the next day to register (because you want to register it on the 1st day of the month or on your birth date) and on the next day all set ready to buy the domain name and then you see that the domain name you’re trying to register is Not Available.
The Person might think that ‘What Went Wrong’ or ‘I should have buy it Yesterday’.

For such cases and to give the most reliable and effective way for you to suggest a Domain Name we have listed some Websites below :

1Bust a Name helps you to find creative domain names by simply adding words which you want to have in your domain name. The site requires no signups or registration to use the service. It also lets you sets and edit or pluralize nouns, adding of hypens, suffix and prefix, sub-domains like .com, .net, .org etc. If you like any of the domain name you can save it for reviewing later. You can also buy a domain name which is ready for Sale.

2 – Domain Typer helps by showing the availability of a domain name as you enter a hint in domain name search.
There is only 3 domain extensions (.com, .net, .org) for you to check the availability of your given domain name. However you can add more extensions to your search. Registrars like Godaddy, Netfirms are listed with a fairly price for you to checkout if you want to buy a domain name.

3 – Suggest.Name helps you to choose a domain name by selecting from its suggestion’s through its custom prefix and suffixes. The predefied sets of words is to be divided or managed according to your needs in the prefix and suffixes. which after combining suggest you a name which, if you like can be used as a domain name, if it is Available. This domain name availability is checked by Dotster.
You can also view Dotomator which works exactly like Suggest.Name but this comes with an added advantage that you can use Web 2.0 Domain name Generator to get random suggestions for domain names.

How to Choose a Domain name for your Blog

Domain name ( helps you see your to recognize online and is used to connect your Audience on the World Wide Web by your Website or Blog. Its an identity for yourself, business, organization, etc. When you decide to put this identity online then you should realize that It’s the primary and most important decision for you to decide a domain name which not only does the work of bringing audience on your site but to grow your identity online, attract more visitors and outcome in more profit (according to your selected niche).

How to Choose a Domain name for your Blog
How to Choose a Domain name for your Blog

The problem, today, with the domain names are that most of them are already registered. (That’s why i choose gr8blogs) it is not i dont love my domain name or my work but there is a lot to know before you actually make a decision to buy a domain name. Here are some tips to remember before you buy a domain name.

Types of sub domains : .com (Commercial), .net (Network), .org (Organization), .biz (Business) and some are categorized according to Country wise like .in (Indian)

For Personal Blog – It is not necessary for you to think a lot if you’re choosing a domain name for your personal blog. People often register the domain under their own name. like (
The .me sub domain is used, nowadays, for personal blogs.

Note : Before you think of registering any domain name you should check on the web if it is Available.! Yes, even if you are choosing for your personal blog. The reasons behind this is to protect your online presence and avoiding confusion among two or more people having the same names and/or having same initials.

I recommend also to do a Google Search. If you find any such similarities which can mislead your audience you should choose another domain name.
At this stage the sub domains can be useful but, sometimes, it is more chances than taking a chance.

Secondly, If you are registering for your business, company or organization you should go through every procedure as said above and, plus, search on the Social Networks, Groups, Pages, Communities, Accounts of twitter and pinterest named as same as your professional identity.

This rather create a negative impact on the customers and adds the sense of duplication.

As soon as you find one register your domain name before it’s been grasp by someone else then add a hosting.