How to Write an Effective Blog Post

Do you want to create a blog post which creates a positive impact on your audience, which should be memorable and successful or even to increase the number of your blog visitors.?

Then following points will help you to create an effective blog post.

How to Write an Effective Blog Post.

Choose a Topic :
You should choose a topic first which is based on today’s requirement depending on your particular subject of blog and which can also benefit to your blog visitors.

Title :
Title should be meaningful but Not too short nor too long, it should be related with your Blog subject and with the post.

Post/Content size :
The Content is the main weapon in blogosphere. It is necessary for a blogger to adjust, modify, design the Post according to the Topic. The size can be as long as you want but remember too long posts are avoided by the visitors as they didn’t have much time to go through your post line-by-line. For this, you have to help yourself by doing this :
If your post is going too long, then simply try to shorten it by creating a table (for differentiating), a flowchart, or use a sub-point method or even give a single line definition if the list is too big. This saves the time of the readers and helps them to understand better. Which means you get a +1 from your visitors.

Tags and Categories : Do remember to give proper Tags and add the post to a proper Category. This helps the visitors to know about the type of the post and helps to locate the post through search engines.

Add Links :
Add links on your post for reference (if necessary) of the website/blog or to any information which you want to relate to as this helps your audience to learn and to grow more.

Add Photos :
You can add a featured picture for your particular post and also an image containing information.
This helps the visitors to understand and to remember it for longer period of time.

Add Videos : (Optional) This isn’t recommended to every blogger. If your Blog deals with creativity and design ( then you can create an animation of a video with the help of a Movie Maker’s or some software and help people to understand your topic better visually. There are many vloggers (Video Bloggers and Youtubers) out their who does blogging and post their content along with the video on their blog.
Tip : You can upload a video to youtube and embed it inside your post.


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