Domain name ( helps you see your to recognize online and is used to connect your Audience on the World Wide Web by your Website or Blog. Its an identity for yourself, business, organization, etc. When you decide to put this identity online then you should realize that It’s the primary and most important decision for you to decide a domain name which not only does the work of bringing audience on your site but to grow your identity online, attract more visitors and outcome in more profit (according to your selected niche).

How to Choose a Domain name for your Blog

How to Choose a Domain name for your Blog

The problem, today, with the domain names are that most of them are already registered. (That’s why i choose gr8blogs) it is not i dont love my domain name or my work but there is a lot to know before you actually make a decision to buy a domain name. Here are some tips to remember before you buy a domain name.

Types of sub domains : .com (Commercial), .net (Network), .org (Organization), .biz (Business) and some are categorized according to Country wise like .in (Indian)

For Personal Blog – It is not necessary for you to think a lot if you’re choosing a domain name for your personal blog. People often register the domain under their own name. like (
The .me sub domain is used, nowadays, for personal blogs.

Note : Before you think of registering any domain name you should check on the web if it is Available.! Yes, even if you are choosing for your personal blog. The reasons behind this is to protect your online presence and avoiding confusion among two or more people having the same names and/or having same initials.

I recommend also to do a Google Search. If you find any such similarities which can mislead your audience you should choose another domain name.
At this stage the sub domains can be useful but, sometimes, it is more chances than taking a chance.

Secondly, If you are registering for your business, company or organization you should go through every procedure as said above and, plus, search on the Social Networks, Groups, Pages, Communities, Accounts of twitter and pinterest named as same as your professional identity.

This rather create a negative impact on the customers and adds the sense of duplication.

As soon as you find one register your domain name before it’s been grasp by someone else then add a hosting.

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