How to Choose a Domain name for your Blog

Domain name ( helps you see your to recognize online and is used to connect your Audience on the World Wide Web by your Website or Blog. Its an identity for yourself, business, organization, etc. When you decide to put this identity online then you should realize that It’s the primary and most important decision for you to decide a domain name which not only does the work of bringing audience on your site but to grow your identity online, attract more visitors and outcome in more profit (according to your selected niche).

How to Choose a Domain name for your Blog
How to Choose a Domain name for your Blog

The problem, today, with the domain names are that most of them are already registered. (That’s why i choose gr8blogs) it is not i dont love my domain name or my work but there is a lot to know before you actually make a decision to buy a domain name. Here are some tips to remember before you buy a domain name.

Types of sub domains : .com (Commercial), .net (Network), .org (Organization), .biz (Business) and some are categorized according to Country wise like .in (Indian)

For Personal Blog – It is not necessary for you to think a lot if you’re choosing a domain name for your personal blog. People often register the domain under their own name. like (
The .me sub domain is used, nowadays, for personal blogs.

Note : Before you think of registering any domain name you should check on the web if it is Available.! Yes, even if you are choosing for your personal blog. The reasons behind this is to protect your online presence and avoiding confusion among two or more people having the same names and/or having same initials.

I recommend also to do a Google Search. If you find any such similarities which can mislead your audience you should choose another domain name.
At this stage the sub domains can be useful but, sometimes, it is more chances than taking a chance.

Secondly, If you are registering for your business, company or organization you should go through every procedure as said above and, plus, search on the Social Networks, Groups, Pages, Communities, Accounts of twitter and pinterest named as same as your professional identity.

This rather create a negative impact on the customers and adds the sense of duplication.

As soon as you find one register your domain name before it’s been grasp by someone else then add a hosting.

Increase Traffic to your Blog

Now when i mean TRAFFIC, it’s related with the Visitor’s who visits your blog.

It is Important to know the Benefits behind Increasing Traffic to your blog :

  • More Popularity of your Blog (& of course your’s)
  • Your Content will reach to the Maximum number of People.
  • More Visitors, More Revenue (i.e., More Money)

There are Various Methods of generating traffic to your Blog and for starter’s some are listed below :

  • Add ShareThis Button to your Blog : After Posting a Post on your Blog. Use ShareThis Button to share the content on the Social Networking sites like GPlus, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Etc. This will engage your Friends and some new Visitors to your Blog.
  • Join Groups & Communities : Weather it may be on Social Networks or on related (post, topic) Forum. You can share your Views, Articles or simply your Blog URL for referring them to visit your Blog.

– Write a Guest Posts for Other Blogs : Find blogs in your niche and reach out to the owner of each blog to find out if the blog publishes guest posts. If so, write a great guest blog post and be sure to include a link to your blog in your bio that accompanies the post.

If You Know some then Please let us know by Commenting below.

Published a Blog Post. What’s Next.?

This Post is the second step to my previous post about ‘How to Write an Effective Blog Post’.
I know, you might be thinking and asking yourself, Is there anything left when i have done everything to look my Blog post Effective.? What should i know about Publishing a Blog Post.? Does this makes any difference to Blog.?


The Answer is Yes. It will make a huge Difference.!
Before beginning with the Publishing tips for your Blog Post you should know all the Wh… types of questions which helps your Blog, your Audience and specially you to Grow in your particular subject of Blogging.


  •  Because your blog needs new visitors (audiences) to view your blog’s content.
  • They will interact with your content (by commenting) helping you to grow your traffic.
  •  Suggest you with new ideas or topics for your next post and even help you to earn some money.

You should try to do the following points every time you Published a Blog Post :

  • Share it with your Friends and Family : You should post the link of your Blog post on Social Networks viz., Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin.
  • Your Blog Page on Social Networks : This can really help you. But takes a time to spread your words. You can create a page on Social Networks and Post your Blog Post links regularly. Invite your friends to join the page and ask them to share the posts (and this allows your links to grow) on their profiles and their friends view your blog post’s link on their profiles.
  • Through E-mail : Do you have some E-mail addresses who have not join Social Networks. Then send them invites, if they not want to join, then send them e-mail manually. By writing ‘Visit this Blog Post, Hope it may help you.’ following the Link of that particular blog post.


  • Share on Groups or Communities or Forums : There are lot of Websites available on the Internet who help you and your blog to reach and collaborate with those people who want to discuss, learn and grow more. Share your Blog Post Link or a description about your blog or of a particular post on those sites which then allow those like-minded people to visit your blog.

Blogging for Newbies

Are you new to Blogging.? But Don’t know from where to get started.?


Man is a Social Animal – very true.! People want to share his aims, objectives, feelings, happiness and even want to have feedback’s about them. Yes, Blogging is a lovely platform for this and can even help you earn some money. Often People who are new to blogging, many times, scared to have a blog and they quit to move forward. But let me tell you it’s not difficult unless you follow the correct method.

Just follow this easy Steps before starting a new Blog.

1. Find a good blogging service : Just search it on Google “Create a Free Blog”“Free Blog” or you can always go for Paid Services which are more reliable and secure. There are many blogging platforms : (owned by Google), Tumblr, WordPress… and the list goes on.

I will recommend you to start with

2. Get Personalized :

  • Select a name for your Blog like (or any name which isn’t taken previously by anyone, before deciding a name for your blog it is recommended that you search the name on Google too),
  • Select a Template, layout and Design.

3. Add some Extras : Add a Google Search, Blogroll, Latest Posts and an About widgets (which helps visitors to know more about you) on your Navigation Area. Also you can add your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Profiles.

4. Post Contents : Now say something to the world about yourself….& if nothing comes to your mind just write down some lines about ‘why you want to blog’ or ‘how you came here’. Don’t forget to experiment with the Font styles and Colors. You can also add Pictures  and Videos to your blog.

5. Now Share your Blog : Share your Blog with your Friends and Family, or just anyone who can view your blog through E-mail, Social Networks, etc as this will help you to reach the audience and also ask the visitors for their suggestions (By Asking them for the feedback you are helping yourself for a better post or a new topic for your Blog.)

So, Keep Blogging and let me know what you think about this post.

7 Google Services for Newbie Bloggers

This are the 7 Google services which can help a Blogger to do more. All This Services are Free to use.


1. Blogger

If you’re new to blogging and haven’t chosen your blogging application yet, then check out Google Blogger. It’s one of the most feature-rich free blogging applications available.

2. Alerts
Sign up to receive email alerts whenever your favourite contents are published. You can get ideas get about Posting new stuffs on your Blog an make your online reputation or just have a snek-peak with the Latest news and happenings.

3. Analytics
Google Analytics is the best free web analytics tool available to bloggers. You can learn what content is working well on your blog, From where traffic is coming and more.

Google Bookmarks is an online bookmarking tool that makes it easy to save Addresses of web pages and can be access anytime, anywhere.

5. Docs
You can create free word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, drawing, and form documents using Google Docs and easily share them with others.
Features : keep your documents private, access your documents from any device connected to the Internet.

6. Feedburner
Feedburner is the most popular tool to create and manage RSS feeds. You can burn your blog’s feed, publicize it, customize your feed emails, and monitor your feed’s performance for free using Feedburner.

7. Gmail
This doesn’t required an Introduction. By Singing up with Other Google Products you will recieve notifications when if any happenings has been performed.