Blogging for Newbies

Are you new to Blogging.? But Don’t know from where to get started.?


Man is a Social Animal – very true.! People want to share his aims, objectives, feelings, happiness and even want to have feedback’s about them. Yes, Blogging is a lovely platform for this and can even help you earn some money. Often People who are new to blogging, many times, scared to have a blog and they quit to move forward. But let me tell you it’s not difficult unless you follow the correct method.

Just follow this easy Steps before starting a new Blog.

1. Find a good blogging service : Just search it on Google “Create a Free Blog”“Free Blog” or you can always go for Paid Services which are more reliable and secure. There are many blogging platforms : (owned by Google), Tumblr, WordPress… and the list goes on.

I will recommend you to start with

2. Get Personalized :

  • Select a name for your Blog like (or any name which isn’t taken previously by anyone, before deciding a name for your blog it is recommended that you search the name on Google too),
  • Select a Template, layout and Design.

3. Add some Extras : Add a Google Search, Blogroll, Latest Posts and an About widgets (which helps visitors to know more about you) on your Navigation Area. Also you can add your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Profiles.

4. Post Contents : Now say something to the world about yourself….& if nothing comes to your mind just write down some lines about ‘why you want to blog’ or ‘how you came here’. Don’t forget to experiment with the Font styles and Colors. You can also add Pictures  and Videos to your blog.

5. Now Share your Blog : Share your Blog with your Friends and Family, or just anyone who can view your blog through E-mail, Social Networks, etc as this will help you to reach the audience and also ask the visitors for their suggestions (By Asking them for the feedback you are helping yourself for a better post or a new topic for your Blog.)

So, Keep Blogging and let me know what you think about this post.

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