Blogger or WordPress

Blogger or WordPress – Which blogging platform to choose.

Now, this post might be a new problem for every blogger. But its not that it isn’t previously discussed before. You may found a lot of links/articles on the internet which lets you campare between these two best blogging platforms and even including other platforms of blogging with them like Tumblr, Live journal, weebly, etc.

Blogger or WordPress

The reason i stated only these two platforms is because they are more reliable and more functioning than any other platforms.

Here there is a lot to know before you sign up and start blogging for any of these sites. It is not that you can choose only one and run your blog all life long. You can be a part of it as long as you want because its Free.!

Before going further i want you to look at their Features :
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WordPress and Blogger. :

All what i can say about Blogger is it’s Easy to Understand, Manage and Create. Blogger is owned be Google and if you have a Gmail account then you can easily login from it and start blogging. You will receive updates notifications on your very same signed email id. The interface of is very good and managing multiple blogs is easy. What you will love is creating/posting the content,  Add Tags and Categories, date or schedule your post for future and/ or save it as a draft or Publish it instantly, it is a fun to post you blog post and takes seconds to go online. Templates are good enough to suite your style and you have the option to customize it anytime, anyway. Various Gadgets are supported which can be embed on your blog such as Showing Stats to the visitors, Video Playlist, Polls, Feeds, An Image or just a Slideshow. Stats option allow bloggers to get detailed information about the Traffic (Visitors) their Place (Country), the most viewed post and the Device used for viewing your blog. This also helps you with managing a mobile view of your Blog.
Blogger blog also has a Mobile View Option which helps any mobile phone viewers to view the blog easily on their Mobile Device. The blogger blog is Search Engine Friendly and it can also be linked with your Google+ account to generate more traffic by sharing your post or blog content with your Google+ friends. You can also earn Money from your blog with Google Adsense by integrating its code on your blog in the Earning Tab easily.

Note : is Free and if you want to host your own domain ( on Blogger than you would have to pay $10 to :

WordPress is the most widely used Blogging Platforms as it includes – Blogs hosted for Free and – Self Hosted Blogs.Wordpress is more functioning, more effective and attractive than WordPress comes with its regular updates including plugins and themes.

My Opinion :

If you don’t know anything about Blogging or just want to have a Personal Blog or a Blog of your Interest then is a great Choice. But if you know about Blogging and want to try out some additional advancements like Plugins, Coding and CSS and want a Professional or Organizational Blog then is a great Choice.

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