Create your Free Blog in just 5 Minutes – 2017 (Video)


This video helps you to Create your Free Blog in less than 5 Minutes. It only needs a Google email ID i.e. Gmail id and all you need to do is to log on to In this video i have shown How to sign-up/register your blog, Dashboard, Choose name and template of the blog (Note : It can be changed later, anytime), How to create and Publish your post and Preview your blog.

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Blogging U by

Hi Friends, Today is a very special for all the bloggers out there, specially the newbie bloggers. The reason is simple and fun at the same time. The good news is WordPress is back with its Blogging U Courses (Formerly know as Blogging 101).

Blogging has now become a very challenging goal for us. We hardly come up with new ideas, ways to keep our blog updated and giving helpful tips and resources to our audiences. But now, those days are over because Blogging U comes up with its very best free On-Deemand Course which will help us to achieve our blogging goals.

So, What is Blogging U.?

Blogging U is Blogging University – Presented by Daily Post by whose parent company is Automattic who are behind, WooCommerce,JetpackSimplenote, Longreads, VaultPress, Akismet, Gravatar, PolldaddyCloudup, and more.

All you need is a account to Sign-up. If you already have a registered account with login and go to this link (will open in new window)

Now all you need to do is to read the information and instructions on different types of courses you see on that page and click on ‘Start Course’ button next to the title. You will recieve an email regarding this course and within few minutes you’ll receive your very first course.

To know who are the hosts of the courses are Click Here.

The Courses covers from the Basics for Beginners to intermediate and then to the Advanced Level. You can start all the courses at a time if you only think you can do it everyday with ease otherwise take your time it’s not going anywhere. New Courses will be adding regularly. So Don’t miss this chance. Now, i think i can make the most of my skills, learn new things in blogging and most importantly share what i love to blog, everyday.

Please share your experience with Blogging U. Best of Luck and Happy Blogging.!

Best Free WordPress Plugins

WordPress is a great platform to use for your blog and Google and other search engines love WordPress because of its user friendly template. Install the right plugins to fully optimize your blog and make it a site that people can easily navigate.

Wordpress Plugins

Google (and other search engines) love WordPress because the code is very clear and simple. With the coding, search engines find it very easy to read and index a site’s content. Additionally, each page, post, and image can have its own title, description, and meta keyword. Each aspect can also be optimized for specific keywords to allow for very precise search engine

When using WordPress, it is crucial for you to use the best plugins to
optimize and protect your website. From my own experience, here are the
best wordpress plugins for you to install :

WordPress Ez Backup : This plugin is an administrative plugin that allows users to create backup archives of their entire site and database with the most ease. Additionally, you can view a live log file of your backup, and the plugin also has an interactive Help & Auto Settings for web server configurations.

Anti-spam : We just hate comment spam and are pretty sure you hate them too. We managed to find this plugin which does a great job in keeping spam under control.You don’t need captcha or check a moderation queue, since Anti-spam takes care of it from the background. It is slowly moving towards dethroning Akismet from its title of “the best anti comment spam” Plugin for WordPress websites.

Better WP Security : Safeguarding your WordPress website from hackers is very important these days. Better WP Security plugin helps in securing your website to a great extent. When installed, it creates a separate section on your WordPress dashboard with loads of options to work with. At first, it may be daunting to work with so many options, but a little play around will help you get used to it quickly. It’s also recommended to backup your WordPress website before you make any changes using this plugin.

W3 Total Cache : A fast loading website is the norm today and this plugin helps you get there. This tool is highly recommended because it uses the power of Caching and Minifying files within your website to decrease the load time. This plugin is widely used and there is a lot of information about how one can setup the plugin in the right way. Search Engines will really appreciate your decision in installing this plugin as they love quick loading websites

WordPress Seo by Yoast : This is probably the only plugin that you will need, to update all aspects of SEO for your WordPress website. It not only helps you write better content but also helps you with the important tasks like creating an XML Sitemap, which will make it easier for search engine spiders, to crawl through your website.

All In One SEO Pack : This plugin makes it really easy to optimize your website for search engines. Just some of the features include:
• Google Analytics support
• Advanced Canonical URLs
• Support for CMS-style installations
• Nonce Security
• Built-in API

SEO Auto Links & Related Posts : With this plugin, auto links, related posts, and slide-out related posts are automatically created once you reach the end of the article. Ultimately, it saves you from having to manually do internal linking for every post and every page.

Google XML Sitemaps : This plugin generates a special XML sitemap to help search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and to index your site more easily. The plugin also notifies major search engines whenever you create a post containing new content.

Google Analytics : This plugin allows the use of Google Analytics on all pages by adding the required javascript. Google Analytics itself is a service offered by Google that gives details to users about a website’s traffic and traffic sources. It additionally measures sales and conversions.

WP Ping Optimizer : Every time that you press save while working on your WordPress blog post, it pings. Because of this, you can be viewed as being a ping spammer. Luckily, this plugin prevents such an occurrence, but also help ping correctly once a new post has been properly completed.

ThirstyAffiliates : If you are running a website and earning your money through affiliate marketing, then this is the ideal plugin for you. This plugin helps you in organizing your affiliate links, assists you in inserting them into your posts, pages and comments and also helps you in creating pretty links instead of ugly affiliate links by using link cloaking. Relatively new tool but a definitely must have if your monetizing your website through affiliate marketing.

Advanced Responsive Video Embedder : Sharing videos on your website has become the “in” thing these days. Unfortunately the native WordPress video embedder is not up to the mark and still needs development. But to overcome this issue the advanced responsive video embedder plugin is a perfect solution. This plugin has support for a ton of video sites including the popular ones like YouTube, Vimeo, Metacafe, etc and is also responsive.

Sharing Buttons & Analytics by AddShoppers : We all know how important it is to connect to social media and to gather attention to your website. This plugin not only does that really well, but gives you a complete analytic report of the social activity happening on your website. The social media buttons are very well designed and the reward sharing feature within the buttons encourages users to actually click on them.

Related Post by Zemanta : This plugin is a great tool to retain your readers. Sometimes, you may not get the answer from a particular post or simply want to know more; this plugin suggests a few posts along the same topic and encourages you to read more. The thumbnail feature is also useful, since the image increase the chances of you, actually clicking on the related post. This tool also gives you a report for the clicks that you have received on the related posts section. Related Post by Zemanta is also responsive and works great on mobile devices too, hence making it a must have WordPress plugin for your website

Live Chat – Casengo : If you are looking to get a chat application for you website or blog to interact with your users, then this plugin is for you. You just have to create an account with Casengo, install the plugin in your WordPress website, select the color theme and the position of the chat window and you are good to go. Highly recommended for ecommerce and support based websites.

WPtouch : This plugin automatically transforms websites to make them accessible formobile devices. Using the plugin, you can make your website easier for people to use while on the go.

Want to be a Professional Blogger.?

First what professional really means to you.? What does it mean by Professional Blogger.? and, more importantly, Who is a problogger.?

For some bloggers producing a huge Traffic, Comments, following a huge RSS Feed Subscribers and from this generating more amount of revenue/income is know to be a Professional Blogger. But Some totally disagree with this. For them Blogging is much more about passion, dedication and the amount of study, research and time the person gives is called to a ProBlogger.


What is a Professional?

Know you can check on online dictionaries or google them, Here is what has to say.:

“According to Merriam Webster there are seven related, but varied, definitions of “profession“. The two that are most commonly applied to bloggers include:

  1. characterized by or conforming to the technical or ethical standards of a profession
  2. participating for gain or livelihood in an activity or field of endeavor often engaged in by amateurs (a professional golfer).”

A Pro Blogger is a Blogger by Profession

According to :

“I think we could then apply the second definition to blogging – that is, the small percentage of bloggers who make their livelihood with their trade could be considered bloggers by profession. So while competence is obviously a factor, the fact that a person makes their living with a given pursuit would make them a professional. Being a blogger by profession means that they make their living by blogging. A problogger should be ranked by his ability to generate revenue with his blogging activity.”

I think making blogging as your main profession is quite difficult to opt in today’s period. Except the fact that you’re writing on a subject/niche which is interacts a huge interest by the people and had a huge following. This can turn your blog audience/visitors to generate revenue and you can rely somewhat to make your living. Another fact is you should have great skills to build a strong online presence of your blog, and in many cases, of yourself as you’re behind the content. You should know about the Services and Tools that make your blog Awesome and Best unlike the rest. Newbie Bloggers aren’t able to do so quickly but it is necessary to know the measures to be a ProBlogger.

How to Optimize Your Blog for Mobile Devices

These days, a perfect website is not just determined by how it looks in your laptop browser. With the rapidly increasing market share of mobile devices – both smart phones and tablets – it is important to design a website that takes the particular constraints of these devices into account. Due to different size and capabilities of a mobile devices, an elegantly designed website might be frustrating and difficult to navigate on mobile. Follow the tips bellow to learn how you can optimize your blog for mobile devices.

Mobile Optimization

Make a mobile home

Fortunately, there are some easy things that you can do in order to make your blog mobile friendly. The first, of course, is to set up a default mobile URL, so as not to sacrifice the time you put into your standard version. Most mobile URLs start with an “m.” or end with a backslash “mobile”. By creating this URL, when someone tries to access your site on a mobile device, they will be redirected to the mobile version, allowing you to easily maintain two separate designs, so that users on a standard browser can still appreciate the regular version of your blog.

Large icons, small photos

With that set up, you need to consider the design for your mobile page. Some key things are your click able icons. They need to be big and easy to read, so that someone navigating on a touch screen can select them easily, without accidentally accessing a page they do not want. It is also a good idea to have your mobile site be more text heavy than image. Large images can often overwhelm a mobile device and fail to load properly, resulting in a strangely formatted and incomplete page. Also, with formatting, keep in mind that it can be easier to have all of your text center justified to guarantee it will be read on any device, and not lost off to the side.

Don’t use Java and Flash

Many mobile devices don’t support Java and Flash, so try to avoid using them on your blog’s mobile version.

The key is in the template

Keep in mind that you do not need to redesign every single page. If you have a site with multiple pages that are similarly formatted – for example a blog, e-commerce site, or free classifieds site – spend your time designing a single template, and then apply it across the board.

Mobile optimization can be really beneficial for your blog, as more people will be able to access you blog, even when they’re on the go. This can help you to increase the number of followers to your blog. To get an idea of how an efficiently optimized mobile website looks like, check this mobile free classifieds site.

This is a Guest Post from Mary Johnson, who work for (One of the Best Free Classified Website in India).

3 Websites which helps you to find a perfect Domain Name

A Domain name is the first key to your online presence. The Domain name is the most important factor behind the success of any story whether it may be your Blog or a Website, Company, Business, Organization or a Web Service. You have to be very conscious as well as alert before you buy a domain name. Choosing the right domain name will help people to recognize about your online presence, find and remember it quickly. And keep in mind once it is registered then that can’t be undone. A lot of bad guys on the internet registered a bulk of domain names just as a means of their business and they sell out them with a huge Price tag. However very few among them gets Sold. But all i want you to is make your decision wisely with taking your time – No Hurry.

3 Websites which helps you to find a perfect Domain Name
3 Websites which helps you to find a perfect Domain Name

Things you don’t know about some Domain Registrars – All Domain Registrars have their own Domain name suggestion tools which helps you to select your most desired domain name from the given suggestions even if your domain name isn’t Available for you to Register.

The Problems :

1 – Many times the domain name you just entered isn’t available for you to register instead of that a list of the available domain names is provided for you to register provided that they are listed with the help of your given keywords and are costly and, more importantly, they might not relate to your business at all.
2 – Some domain name registrars, using the domain name suggestion tools, reserves your keywords and sell them to other buyers. For example – you found a domain name and leave it for the next day to register (because you want to register it on the 1st day of the month or on your birth date) and on the next day all set ready to buy the domain name and then you see that the domain name you’re trying to register is Not Available.
The Person might think that ‘What Went Wrong’ or ‘I should have buy it Yesterday’.

For such cases and to give the most reliable and effective way for you to suggest a Domain Name we have listed some Websites below :

1Bust a Name helps you to find creative domain names by simply adding words which you want to have in your domain name. The site requires no signups or registration to use the service. It also lets you sets and edit or pluralize nouns, adding of hypens, suffix and prefix, sub-domains like .com, .net, .org etc. If you like any of the domain name you can save it for reviewing later. You can also buy a domain name which is ready for Sale.

2 – Domain Typer helps by showing the availability of a domain name as you enter a hint in domain name search.
There is only 3 domain extensions (.com, .net, .org) for you to check the availability of your given domain name. However you can add more extensions to your search. Registrars like Godaddy, Netfirms are listed with a fairly price for you to checkout if you want to buy a domain name.

3 – Suggest.Name helps you to choose a domain name by selecting from its suggestion’s through its custom prefix and suffixes. The predefied sets of words is to be divided or managed according to your needs in the prefix and suffixes. which after combining suggest you a name which, if you like can be used as a domain name, if it is Available. This domain name availability is checked by Dotster.
You can also view Dotomator which works exactly like Suggest.Name but this comes with an added advantage that you can use Web 2.0 Domain name Generator to get random suggestions for domain names.

How to Choose a Domain name for your Blog

Domain name ( helps you see your to recognize online and is used to connect your Audience on the World Wide Web by your Website or Blog. Its an identity for yourself, business, organization, etc. When you decide to put this identity online then you should realize that It’s the primary and most important decision for you to decide a domain name which not only does the work of bringing audience on your site but to grow your identity online, attract more visitors and outcome in more profit (according to your selected niche).

How to Choose a Domain name for your Blog
How to Choose a Domain name for your Blog

The problem, today, with the domain names are that most of them are already registered. (That’s why i choose gr8blogs) it is not i dont love my domain name or my work but there is a lot to know before you actually make a decision to buy a domain name. Here are some tips to remember before you buy a domain name.

Types of sub domains : .com (Commercial), .net (Network), .org (Organization), .biz (Business) and some are categorized according to Country wise like .in (Indian)

For Personal Blog – It is not necessary for you to think a lot if you’re choosing a domain name for your personal blog. People often register the domain under their own name. like (
The .me sub domain is used, nowadays, for personal blogs.

Note : Before you think of registering any domain name you should check on the web if it is Available.! Yes, even if you are choosing for your personal blog. The reasons behind this is to protect your online presence and avoiding confusion among two or more people having the same names and/or having same initials.

I recommend also to do a Google Search. If you find any such similarities which can mislead your audience you should choose another domain name.
At this stage the sub domains can be useful but, sometimes, it is more chances than taking a chance.

Secondly, If you are registering for your business, company or organization you should go through every procedure as said above and, plus, search on the Social Networks, Groups, Pages, Communities, Accounts of twitter and pinterest named as same as your professional identity.

This rather create a negative impact on the customers and adds the sense of duplication.

As soon as you find one register your domain name before it’s been grasp by someone else then add a hosting.