7 Google Services for Newbie Bloggers

This are the 7 Google services which can help a Blogger to do more. All This Services are Free to use.


1. Blogger

If you’re new to blogging and haven’t chosen your blogging application yet, then check out Google Blogger. It’s one of the most feature-rich free blogging applications available.

2. Alerts
Sign up to receive email alerts whenever your favourite contents are published. You can get ideas get about Posting new stuffs on your Blog an make your online reputation or just have a snek-peak with the Latest news and happenings.

3. Analytics
Google Analytics is the best free web analytics tool available to bloggers. You can learn what content is working well on your blog, From where traffic is coming and more.

Google Bookmarks is an online bookmarking tool that makes it easy to save Addresses of web pages and can be access anytime, anywhere.

5. Docs
You can create free word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, drawing, and form documents using Google Docs and easily share them with others.
Features : keep your documents private, access your documents from any device connected to the Internet.

6. Feedburner
Feedburner is the most popular tool to create and manage RSS feeds. You can burn your blog’s feed, publicize it, customize your feed emails, and monitor your feed’s performance for free using Feedburner.

7. Gmail
This doesn’t required an Introduction. By Singing up with Other Google Products you will recieve notifications when if any happenings has been performed.

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